How to Wrap Polos





Begin your wrap from just under the horse’s knee or hock to about halfway down the cannon bone, depending on how the wrap fits the horse.  On the right legs wrap clockwise, on the left legs wrap counter-clockwise (from above; the display leg pictured is being wrapped like a left leg).  Wrap down, pulling it snug, not tight (polo wraps are not designed to support, and wrapping them too tightly can damage your horse's legs), and keeping the tension consistent.  Pull only when the wrap is pointed towards the horse’s tail.  Pulling this way helps keep pressure off of the tendon.  With each wrap try to cover ½ to ¾ of the prior.



When you reach the fetlock bring your next wrap down and under it, then back up on the other side.  This should create a “point” on the bottom front of the polo (see lower right picture).



Wrap back up the leg, still covering about ½ to ¾ of the previous one with each wrap and keeping the tension snug and consistent.  When you reach the top you should have just enough of the wrap left to wrap one or two more times around and then secure the Velcro, making sure it is well connected.  Try to have the Velcro end on the outside of the leg so there is no chance of it being brushed open with the other leg.



Please note:

If you are still in any way unsure about how to safely wrap our polos, have an experienced person teach you.  Wrapping improperly,  i.e., having the wrapping tension too tight/loose/inconsistent, wrapping too high/low or not high/low enough, wrapping without overlapping the correct amount, etc., can damage the horse's legs.  Also, remember that our polos are not the same as "standard" store-bought ones, and cannot necessarily be wrapped the same way.  Use good judgment - if you do not know what you are doing, or if you have any hesitations, do not wrap.







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